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hand-crafted jewellery, by cork-based designer-maker patricia gurgel segrillo, in the workshop
hand-made jewellery, by cork-based designer-maker patricia gurgel segrillo, in the workshop
unique jewellery, by cork-based designer-maker patricia gurgel segrillo, in the workshop
handworked jewellery, by cork-based designer-maker patricia gurgel segrillo, in the workshop
'The working process itself feels very much like a search, intrinsically born of the state I am in. A state through which the weaving is allowed to flow and grow 'inevitably'... Into a wearable art piece that will never be repeated, as it reflects that specific moment, each moment manifesting itself, treasured in its uniqueness, revealing itself to my wonder of the here and now.'

P Gurgel-Segrillo

The wearable quality of the pieces I design and make is of utmost importance to me- rather than seeing this as a limitation, I welcome it as the universe that helps give shape to my body of work.

I work with fine silver, or as it is also called silver 999 for the earrings, ear cuffs, brooches, cufflinks, pendants and neck pieces. For rings, wristlets and bracelets I use britannia silver, or silver 950 (950 actually being 9584 parts to 1000). These softer silver alloys offer a crucial quality for the main making technique I use: weaving. Weaving with unexpected characteristics I developed through nearly 30 years of practice and experimentation.

I also make pieces in fine silver and 18ct / 22ct yellow gold. I do not use any lower gold, as it is too hard to weave. I can also use red / rose gold. I've made pieces on commission in red and yellow gold woven together and they looked stunning.

contemporary jewellery, by  gurgel-segrillo: woven ring, large disc handcrafted in fine silver
woven silver ring, large disc handcrafted, contemporary jewellery, by designer-maker gurgel-segrillo
woven silver ring, handcrafted in fine silver. contemporary jewellery by cork artist gurgel-segrillo
contemporary jewellery, handcrafted by artist gurgel-segrillo: disc woven silver ring

The weaving process itself feels very much like a search, intrinsically born of the state I am. A good state would be one through which I allow the weaving to flow and grow 'organically'... Into unique pieces that will never be repeated, as they reflect that specific moment, each moment manifesting itself, treasured in its uniqueness, revealing itself to my wonder of the here and now.

Not that there is little effort involved: my hands are 'like contortionists dancing', someone with a poet's heart told me once while watching me work. A dance where harmony is found and hopefully that shows in the piece, too.

When the weaving is completed, the piece is burnished and hand polished.

Please contact one of the outlets listed here or visit her Online Shop. Alternatively, send me an email and I will be happy to assist you. All work is handcrafted in my workshop, and is made to order:

-woven series and sinuosa series prices (euro) start from: earrings €100, rings and pendants €200.
-woven series in fine silver and 18ct gold details start from: €200, pendants and rings €300.

Several combinations and finishes can be attained: slightly dark to very dark oxidized finish and matte to highly polished.

To cultivate an honest, open and transparent relationship with patrons. To nurture, inspire and evoke wholesome thoughts and emotions as to bring kindness and beauty into the world. In a modus operandi sensitive to local > global environmental and humanitarian issues.

I am registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland and with the London Assay Office, and I am thankful for the support of the New Irish Art Project.

I am honored and thankful for the assistance of the Cork City Enterprise Board Ltd.

contemporary jewellery: woven ring in silver and gold by gurgel-segrillo
woven band handcrafted in silver: contemporary jewellery by designer-maker gurgel-segrillo
contemporary handmade jewellery, created by designer-maker gurgel-segrillo: woven ring band
contemporary handcrafted jewellery, by designer-maker gurgel-segrillo: woven ring, handcrafted in silver and gold

Hi Patricia, Just a quick mail to say I received my ring, and I am very happy with it. Many thanks for your help, generosity and very quick response. I am very sure we will do business again in the near future. If you have any sort of mailing list you can add me to for you designs, then please feel free. Kind Regards, Mike, Dundee, Scotland

Hi Patricia, I just wanted to let you know that the rings have arrived. Thank you very much, I'm very happy with them - beautiful as always! Take car and all the best for you! Dennis, Berlin, Germany

Hi Patricia, My beautiful little prints arrived in the post yesterday. I love them. Thank you. I will be in touch regarding the woven wristlet soon. Thank you again. Liz, Glasgow, Scotland

Hi, just to let you know the ring arrived today - it's lovely, the size is perfect, thank you! Vicki, Oxford, UK

Hello Patricia, Thank you so much for making the earrings for me under such short notice. I am glad the payment has gone through quickly. Thank you posting them to me this week- now looking forward to seeing Rebecca's surprise on Christmas Day! I know she will be so pleased . Kind regards, Janis, Fife, Scotland

This is me wearing my gorgeous wide band woven ring. I asked Patricia if she was able to inc. some inspiration from an item that meant alot to me. I had no expectations but it turned out lovely, & it is nice to know that in the rings uniqueness holds that little bit of memory that I treasure so much. Kate, Den Haag, Netherlands

Patricia, The ring is PERFECT, GORGEOUS, STUNNING. Already gave a copy of your card to someone in the cell phone store last night because, of course, they noticed it and asked where I had got it. I will keep referring your amazing work to one and all! Jeff, Santa Cruz, California

Dear Patricia, Thank you very much for the beautiful necklace which I received today, it is lovely on!! Enjoy your weekend. Gillian, Fife, Scotland

Dear Paticia, Well, I'm back from Italy and have finally seen my cufflinks. They are BEAUTIFUL, and an excellent matching pair. Thank you so much for having another look at them. I can't wait for an opportunity to wear them out for the first time! Warmest regards, as ever, Anthony, London

wowww!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! you can't imagine how happy I am!! thank you so much Patricia.... YOUR WORK IS WONDERFUL!! thanx........ Eleftheria, KORYDALLOS, GREECE

Hello Patricia, The ring arrived this morning. It is very beautiful and I'm very happy with it. Thank you very much for the great work. You'll probably hear again from me very soon as I'm thinking about the cufflinks... :-) Thanks again for everything and take care! Have a great week! Dennis, Berlin Germany

Hi Patricia The ring has arrived – it is beautiful – thank you. Also thank you for the chocolates. With love Tracey x, Newcastle upon Tyne

Patricia-- The ring did indeed arrive, and I am wearing it. It looks great, and I can't wait for some patina on it. Many thanks. And thank you also for the inclusion of the yummy chocolates. I hope all is well with you, and thank you again. Best, Stacey, New York, NY

Dear Patricia, The ring arrived! It's quite lovely and the fit is perfect. Thanks so much! --Max, Ithaca NY

Hi I just recieved the ring today...It fits nicely and looks incredible..My first ring ever purchased and absolutely love the look....Do you sell these rings in stores if so where abouts in the world?  Thx Derik, NJ USA

Dear Patricia, the rings arrived today and i am more than impressed, they look fantastic thank you ever so much, you are a genius...!

No doubt i'll be contacting you soon for some more jewellery! Best regards Johnny Bowen P.S thank you for the sweets...! Jonathan, Durham UK

Hello, Hope you had a nice week.  I just wanted to let you know that I received my ring and earrings in the mail yesterday.  It was such a great surprise, when I had got home.  I really love the ring ....I'm so glad I got it, and that you didn't give  up on me.  I'm glad that you went the extra mile for me.  I'm actually wearing the earrings and ring today, at work.  And I'm making sure that everybody notices them.  I've got several compliments on your pieces . Thank you so much.  Your art is differently unique, and I will treasure the pieces. Also, thank you for the candy.  I love it.  That was very sweet and thoughtful of you.  Again, I am so delighted with my ring and earrings .  Thank you. Have a great weekend, Kats, OR USA

Dear Ms. Gurgel Segrillo Today, I came back to Yokohama and I recieved the  parcel from you. What a  beautiful ring  it is! Thank you!!! I can not discribe how  amazed I am. Waring  ring  of the same design with Orlando is like a dream comes ture, Brazilian sweets you enclosed  taste  very good, I like that. This is just the happy end my "the story of the rings". I  will never forget your kind messages and help with my new treasure,this amazing ring you made. I  am happy to meet the amazing artist like you and to excange many message with you. I try to  attach a photo that took by myself with waring that ring . This is a terrible photo ,but it discribes my feeling  better than any words. Finally, I must thank you once more. Very kind regards (^_^)==========================(^_^) ? Naomi KIKO, Yokohoma Japan

Dear Patricia, I received the <beautiful ring you made for me - thank you very much. and thank you for the goodies :) and for and the time you spent writing and answering my questions. I'm very happy with my woven ring, and when I have money enough I want to buy a new ring for my other hand! all the best, and thank you again, your danish friend, Lars :)   Fredericia, Denmark

Hello P! I have been out of my office since the weekend but wanted to let you know that my ring arrived this past Friday! It's just as beautiful as the first and I truly thank you for your service and appreciate your glorious work. Thanks so much and I'll keep you in mind for the future. :) best wishes, Megan, PA USA

Hi Patricia! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I received my BEAUTIFUL ring this afternoon!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! It's so beautiful, and so original, I've never seen another ring like it, and am so glad I found your link!!! It fits perfectly!! My son loves the little bike that was enclosed with the box as well, what a neat little creation! I don't know if you send out emails about new creations you've been making, but if so, add me to it! Thanks for getting in touch with me, I honored at the fact you actually and personally have been communicating with me over these transactions, that really says a lot about you as a person and as a business. I could only give positive feedback from this experience! Sincerely always, Amy Bosteder.


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